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Maintaining Hygiene While Living by the Water

Living by the water can be amazing – you enjoy the scenic beauty every time you step outside and you have access to the freshest air available on the earth. This is simply amazing, but living by the waters needs a lot of precautions as you are always under threat of countless diseases and unwanted health conditions that you’d want to avoid. When living by the waters, proper hygiene must be maintained for a healthy and stress free life. And, since you know that ‘health is wealth,’ it is always better to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

And great health can be enjoyed only if you take good care of maintaining hygiene when living by the waters, whether on a camping trip or have a house located there. With these simple tricks, it is quite easy to keep yourself healthy and odor-free in the outdoors.

Get Your Hand Sanitizer Everywhere

You must have heard about the personal sanitizing products suffering some backlash from immune system proponents, but they are quite useful when you want to keep the bacteria off your skin. Before you reach for your first slice of pizza or begin preparing your next meal, make sure to sanitize yourself with a generous dollop of hand sanitizer. This can be helpful in preventing potentially harmful bacteria from being ingested. You can accept the nasty hands, but simply can’t tolerate the disease these bacteria will cause. And since bacteria are more powerful in the moist environment, it’s good to carry your pack of sanitizer.

Swab Yourself Routinely

You have a habit of bathing daily? Great, but if you’re near the water or moist environment, it is going to take than a daily rinse to keep harmful bacteria grubbiness at bay. Also, there may be instances when you don’t have access to running water daily. Using swabs is a great solution as they can solve the predicament partially. Use the cotton balls, wet them with hydrogen peroxide and give yourself a swab on areas of high bacteria growth. Make sure to give special attention to the feet, groin, armpits, and face.

Change Cloths Daily

If you’ve got the habit of wearing those same cloths after a wash, make sure you don’t follow the same trend when living by the waters. If you’re planning to travel to places where you’re going to find water all around, make sure to bring enough clothing that would last the duration of your trip. Of course, carrying less can be tempting, but carrying an extra luggage into the woods would be helpful to enjoy the time on camping. And, make sure you’re taking with you some extra pairs of socks and underwear.

Using synthetic clothing is another great thing you can do to ensure hygiene when you’re moving to the moist environment. As I mentioned above, bacteria thrive in moist conditions, so it is always good to avoid using cotton clothes as they can easily soak up the sweat and opt for wicking clothes instead.

Enjoy the Natural Bath

Sure you’re not going to have access to 24-hour running water, so taking a dip in a river or stream is the next best thing you can. Don’t forget to carry a travel size bottle of soap. Bathing in stagnant water may seem safer if you don’t know to swim, but it can be a wrong choice as the bacteria tend to congregate where current is lacking.

Get a Small Shovel

Wondering how a shovel is going to help you keep healthy and maintained hygiene while living by the waters? I have two words for it – Bathroom breaks. In the woods, you’re surely not going to have access to your personal restroom. It is going to take some extra effort to take care of business in a hygienic way. So, every time you get the nature’s call, make sure you follow the process - dig a new latrine each time and cover it with dirt or anything you can find around. Also, Take care of maintaining distance from the campsite as.

The basic principles of staying healthy and maintaining hygiene when near the waters can be simple, but the hard part is sticking to them. This can be even tough when you’re doing a lot of physical work outdoors and when you’re tired with the activities there. But, taking care of the hygiene and personal grooming is for your own sake, if you want to enjoy your time in the outdoors. So, make sure you follow the above-mentioned tips.

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