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The Best Fat Bikes of Winter 2018

Get ready for a exciting ride with the best fat bikes!

Riding through the different terrains to the distance places is something that excites everyone. The two things that you really want while riding are control and strength, especially when you are going through the off road terrains. This is where Fat bikes are making an impact these days. Mind you, these are no lesser that a monster truck when it comes to strength, steadiness and accessibility.  From rocks to snows to sands to many other difficult roads, these bikes are ready to take up every challenge.

Here are the pros and cons of the best fat bikes:

1.)  GMC Yukon Fat Bike

  • It is lighter and stringer as it has a solid frame.
  • It has Shimano components of the highest quality.
  • Another quality feature is its disc brake, which are durable and better in performance.
  • It is very easy to assemble different parts.
  • The quality of stock tires is not of very high quality.
  • It is not a bike that will provide a lot of speed as you have to settle for some average speed.
  • ·         With aluminum frame of 18" and tire size of 26 x 4", it is one of best bikes in the segment.  It is quite strong, but by no means is a bike to be taken for a race as it not speedy.

2.)  Diamondback Bicycles:

  • ·        Every part of this bike tends to work together, which eventually makes it a most suitable bike for when it comes to dealing with indifferent surfaces and surroundings.
  •  ·        It has a strategic frame design with quality tires providing outstanding traction backed by tread design.
  • ·        The tires are quite versatile if compared to normal tires as these can be adjusted different kinds of air pressures for several kinds of riding set-ups. 
  •        From frame’s design to angle of the handlebars to the stem’s length, everything makes it a perfect stance for the rider.
  • ·        It has alloy paddles, which is too bulky for some riders.
  • ·       M-series saddle is not a preferred choice for everyone.
  • It makes you feel at ease in any position, and gives you more control over it. Not much wrong with the bike other than a few little choice issues that can be easily sorted out.

3.)  Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike

  • ·        It is flexible enough to be taken to various terrains as its wonderful braking system and solid frame provides a lot of stability.
  • ·        Another great aspect of Framed Minnesota 2.0 is the smooth gear shifting mechanism. One can easily shift gears.
  • ·        It offers a range of different speeds, making it a lot versatile than most bikes in the same segment.
  • ·        Great traction of tires offers an enhanced grip even on the rock and slippery surfaces.
  •  For those who like to ride long there is no provision of keeping water bottle, which can be troublesome at times.
  • ·       Due to its shorter cockpit, it is not comfortable to take this bike for a longer ride.

  • ·         It provides a lot of flexibility; but when it comes to going for long rides, go prepared.

4.)  Mongoose Vinson Fat Tire Bike


         It is quite heavy and its weight makes the best choice for heavy users.
  • When it comes to affordability, nothing beats this model as it is available at a very reasonable price and the best part is that you don’t have to compromise on quality.
  • Its fat tires provides greater stability if compared the bikes with smaller tires.
  • ·       It is also a preferred bike on safety front as its wonderful braking system gives you more control, especially during an emergency.
  • ·       Breaks make a lot of noise, especially the front brake. It can be quite irritating to hear such loud s noise when one applies brakes.
  • ·       This bike may not be the best option for those who used to pulling sprints as it is a bit heavy.
  • Yes, we have mentioned about the brake noise; apart from this it is the perfect fat bike.

5.)  Aluminum Fat Bikes

  • ·        It is very smooth to ride as it is not very heavy if compared to other bikes. 
  • ·        This bike is capable of going to the most terrains as it is quite stable.
  • ·        Its frame is quite appealing, which makes it a very good looking bike.
  • ·        Strength to weight ratio is proportional.
  • ·        It has a long chain that causes tight switchbacks and snappy handling.
  • · 2      Not suitable for speed lovers as its chain system is a bit complicated.
  • Good bike with a lot of options. It has a burly frame that is more capable of fitting even the fattest tires. It is meant for riding on snow, and is the best choice this regard.
Final Verdict 

All these bikes are quite good. For those who are curious about riding quality fat bike, these five models are the best in the category. They all have their pros and cons; you just have to choose the one that suits you the most. Get on fat bikes, enjoy awesome rides!

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